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So, Mark Twain's autobiography has started to get published (volume I of III), and I read the introduction to it (rather long) for free on Amazon. Mark Twain mentioned Casanova's autobiography, which I had already thought about before from having watched the BBC series Casanova (with David Tennant as a young Casanova and Peter O'Toole as an old Casanova).

As it turns out, Barnes & Noble is pretty good about letting you read at least some books online. So I've read the first three chapters of vol. I of the abridged English translation by William Trask, which is still 1500 pages. Note, that cuts out HALF of what Casanova wrote, and he only made it until 1774, not 1797, as he originally intended (death got in the way). Man, it makes me wonder how long it WOULD have been had he not died before finishing it.

Also amusing to me is that the version Mark Twain read was the official French version for over 130 years. Note, Casanova wrote it in French (as it was more widely known than Italian), but there was still an official version made that made it more...French French and less Italian French, as well as the editor adding in new smut scenes apparently (lol). Also, it removed most of his religious references, as well as some of his political statements. Poor Mark Twain didn't get to read a truer version. And it's sort of ironic given that multiple versions of Mark Twain's autobiography have come out slaughtering his orders for how he wanted it arranged. And that's essentially how he got Casanova's.

I'm not sure when heliocentrism was accepted, but Casanova claims to have *realized* it's possibility from traveling by boat. He woke up on the boat, which was moving so smoothly he didn't realize he was traveling. He could see out a window, and in it he saw the trees "moving" - aka running past. He commented on this, and his mother explained that the boat was moving, not the trees. And he claims to have then realized the same could be true about the earth/sun (this is at like...age eight-ish).

It's definitely an interesting read. I'm like....65 pages in, and I might just get it.

Also, there is an audiobook version that is narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch.

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