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1. Iraq is dealt with and not exactly in a pretty opinion of Washington way. I do like that Leverage touches on serious issues at times, in its way. Contractors in Iraq getting paid ridiculous amounts of money compared to soldiers is an issue. And here we get to mock, destroy, and con the guilty (fictional) parties.

2. Soldier/drunk slutty camel. Heee. Watch out for them camels girl. They have some mighty fine camels over there.

3. Zooming out of video to Nate with Robert Perry. Nice technique.

4. "Doc he's cool. I found him on the internet." It's amazing how bad a rep the net can get in a lot of shows. And the doc shows the bias against it by many peoples (and sometimes the bias is right) - "Yes, and that never goes badly." And here, well, it goes badly for the corrupt guys but well for the good guys! See, the net isn't ALL bad. You could find a merry band of moral thieves!

5. The doctor is all protective, and I love how she has the image all wrong. "Run your scam on someone with money." He is! And her repeated insistence of the phrase "the world doesn't work like that" in the show sort of shows how reality works for most people in most places. After all, these thieves are fictional. But the situation they're jumping into - not entirely.

6. Interesting - Nate doesn't call the others himself, not even Sophie. Instead we hear him call Hardison, whom he has stayed in touch with (we get the first inside scoop to that here), who then calls the others. Also, Sophie's soap commercial. *does the Bad Acting Belly Dance*

7. Eliot v. gun. With a momma comment. xD That calls for a screenshot! And the Eliot Anti-Gun Grind! *grinds*

"Does your momma have your number?"

And he's doing "Nothin'. Why?"

8. Nice shot of Parker, Eliot, and Sophie.

Parker still has her smile from "I don't like stuff; I like money." Eliot is not telling them anything, and Sophie is laughing after asking if he trusts them. Clearly, he does not. Eliot is willing to work with/get to know the others (re:Convo with Nate last time, for example) if there is a level of trust, but that takes longer with 'known thieves.'

9. Leverage Consulting and Associates, founded in 1913 by the great Harlin Leverage III. Cue funny painting of Nate.

Sophie laughs. And Eliot, for the first time, says "It's weird."

But Hardison really can paint. It may be very very odd, but it's decent as a painting.

10. I am still not sure how Hardison managed to make it look like taxes had been paid for 90 years. Fake IDs, sure, pension plans, dental, yea yea yea. But damn boy, hacking the IRS?

11. Clearly with Hardison giving the intro, this may be why Nate was in better touch with Hardison than the others. Technology is the main thing he needed to be in contact with/for to make the hq.

12. Eliot likes hockey.

13. The film from the intro is shown for the second time. *does the Hardison Classroom Shimmy* After having seen the episode a few times, I do get sick of the home video a bit.

14. But it is SO worth seeing it again to hear Eliot's description of the bullets, Parker's confusion that he could ID the bullets, and Eliot's "It's a very distinctive sound."

Facial exchange. You can see it in their faces.

15. Eliot as a waiter is scrumptious. And for note, he says "Next time I wear the suit."

16. Parker/Hardison subtle development with the roof scene in my opinion. I'm not a huge shipper in general in leverage or of them specifically, but the light conversation and what not is nice.

17. Executive Orders is immediately recognized by Dufort, so it's another stealage of a real company (real for the show anyway). The first being the use of Bering with the Nigerians. That should get a dance. The Company Stealage Can Can. *can cans*

18. "During these rough times, buying a US Congressman is one of the best investments a corporation can make." You bet many people wish/think the relations between politicians and companies are so simple. But more importantly, it makes one HELL of a punchline, while bringing up the issue. This episode is srs bsns.

19. Nate picks up a spring roll, dips it in sauce, coats DuFort's back, and while DuFort and Sophie are talking in the foreground, you can see Nate throwing the spring roll backwards behind him in the background. *lols*

See the spring roll in front of the paper lamp? Mmhmm.

20. Eliot truly is not one best with technology. He does take instruction from Hardison well here, about the card.

21. Flashback to the video. Third time to the video. Nate gets it. And time for the Flashback Flamenco. *flamencos*

22. The three in the private party got out, and together, very quickly.

23. Eliot is very good at converting waiter into doctor.

24. Eliot notices shoes. Go boy go! He totally does it in a straight fighting sense though.

25. We also get to see Eliot in a fight scene over three seconds again, which is nice. He does take chances toward a physical beating more often, but it is a) his job and b) he doesn't generally get damaged much by it.

26. Looking at the stuff from Castlemen, Nates starts drinking. *does the Drinking disco*

27. Distinctive fighting style. *glee*

28. The non-violent three are backing out due to violence. Eliot did bring up some concern about Castlemen coming after them, but his concern seems more "private army" than "oh noes, violence!" But the other three thieves aren't used to being in a line of fire. Twitchy pants.

29. Once again we get the idea of just one job. They really can be reluctant. And the team building happens organically, over time.

30. End of meeting!Nate-drinking. *does the drinking disco*

31. Does anyone recognize Nate's accent with DuFort? "From upstate." Huh. Kennedy I am told. Clearly I do not crush on JFK.

32. I love Eliot's funny impression while canceling Jenkin's wood panels.

33. Oh Hardison every time technology is utterly backwards. Wooden box. Dance time! The Backwards Technology Bop. *bops*

34. "Go ahead girl, sexiness, uh, rawr" with clawing hand, Hardison @ Parker. More canon Parker/Hardison building.

35. Eliot can throw rocks well. "I'm sorry, it was too far away for you to punch. I'm sure that really frustrates you." - Hardison. Sorry, I just love the line.

36. And in case you forgot, Parker loves money.

37. Eliot, Parker, and Hardison hid on top of a container. But it's not shown how they get off.

38. "Hey, what you got going on?" is just said in that "something sexy is going on voice" - or is that just me? (Eliot @ Parker). "You and Hardison" half pause "What is it a creepy contest?" Until that last line, my first time through, it TOTALLY sounded sexual/romantic questioning to me, 'cept somehow tied to the money made it confusing. The last bit clears up what he means. But writers don't write ambiguity without reason.

39. Nate's knowledge about the money getting there isn't one of his "I know many things" instances, once he explains it. It's just he was in the company that did it. When he first said "we sent it there" I did go "wtf how much DO YOU KNOW?!" But he's not God. Just an ex-insurance agent.

40. "For all the money in the economy, there's only about $500 in cash for every American." Does anyone know how true this is?

41. I wonder how many times Nate and Sophie pretend to be married/together. They're rather good at it. I'll give it a dance. fake!Nate/Sophie Salsa. *salsas*

42. As the Castlemen run up to the open container, you can read the 543 on the one next to it.

No flashbacks required to figure this one out.

43. Hardison brings up "ethniticity" and then says Jewish. I love how Show handles race. Sophie plays many many kinds. Hardison here brings up a different kind. And it's not that race doesn't matter. Hardison's little stories from time to time show how it is an integrated part of who he is. But it's simply done well, used when it helps a con, but otherwise just a part of the show, no special attention needed.

44. The journalist is SO helpful with this con. Go investigative journalists. And OOOH *flashback flamenco* *twice*

45. Also, journalist looks up and finds the webcam. Good journalist!

46. The good guys win! *victory tap dance*

47. After Perry thanks them, Eliot shakes Perry's hand and thanks him. He definitely appreciates what the honest soldiers go through in Iraq and that they are fighting for freedom, even if some government officials are corrupt. I like that, even when Show presents issues with Iraq and whatnot, it does not blame the soldiers themselves.

48. Nate has a very non-wind up electric car.

So of course it means a mid-life crisis. :P
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